Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cold Sores....

 I have since tried using L-Lysine. MIRACLE in a bottle. I take these two at a time 3 times a day when I feel a cold sore coming on and it never came out, this has worked for the last 3 times. Then I apply tea tree oil where I feel it will come out and it nips it in the bud!  Now on a regular basis I take it every day just two pills a day to kind of maintain but PHEW it is so nice not having any cold sores lately, for a while there I had them back to back!

Hope it helps!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ready for a New Year and Hopefully some New Beginnings

Today is the 29th of December and I started my Plexus on or around late October. So it has been about 2 months, when I started I was 203 and today (even after the holidays) I weighed myself this morning and I was down to 188! Mind you, no exercise, definitely no dieting. I expected to gain a little something after how I ate on Christmas and the couple days after but I was shocked to see that I maintained and then lost a pound this morning.
This is terrific, I feel better and have a great amount of energy. I also find myself actually considering stepping it up and adding some exercise since now I got some of that weight off my knees. 
Only bad thing is I can't afford my new shipment. It is about 105 a month and I just don't have it. I spent a little more then I should have during the holidays and I have been out of work. I charged everything so now I don't have anything available anywhere. I am definitely in deep with debt. 
I am hoping to be able to find a job soon, I have interviewed for some things but they pay so little (less then half of what I made at my last job) and they are so low on the totem pole I feel these crappy jobs will bring me back to like when I was 18 and just starting out. I feel like they will be a resume killer and end up defining me, how can I go and find a better position if my last one was something so different. I am just so hesitant to make (another) poor decision that will effect me long term.
I am still toying with the idea of attending a program so I can look in certain fields but my struggle is getting myself in more debt to come out and not find a job because I do not have working experience in these fields or come out and be lucky to get 9 a hour. 
I get kind of disgusted with all of it, my hands are tied because I can only work certain hours since I am the primary care taker of my 3 kids, so it has to be part time and it can't be something that will drag my whole resume and experience down. I don't know where to turn or what to do at this point. I just keep looking around and hope to find something that I can really enjoy. Something part time, something that challenges me somewhat since that is what holds my interest most.
Hopefully I can find a good fit, and plant some roots. 
My main priority is being there for my kids but I understand I need to really bring some income in really soon. I am already behind on things and I had been borrowing from loans and credit cards to pay monthly bills so now that everything is maxed out I have really no where else to go with this. 
Sometimes I want to just pack up and move close to my parents, they would be a great help but it is a little harder finding work up there. 
Well anyway, I will get back on my Plexus slim as soon as possible and hopefully get my stuff together really soon.
Happy New Year to All!! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

On a side note

This is a picture of my puppy. I love him and he wanted to model for me. So check him out, he is a Cockapoo, which I never knew until looking around online that they are referred to as a 'forever puppy' because they always look like a puppy ...How CUTE

Do you see what I mean?

Cuteness ...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Checking in again!

Okay so Thanksgiving just passed and I am now down to 195! Pretty awesome in my opinion, the results are slow for me but I have been sick so I have not been eating like I should and have skipped meals a couple times so that is probably the issue.
I am happy I have lost though, I can't tell you how many times I have tried to loose weight and never EVER see the scale budge. So this is impressive!
I have to drink a little more water, but that is so challenging for me and focus on eating my 3 square with a couple snacks. I bet that would really get things moving a little faster.
So almost a month and down 9 lbs!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

One week Check in

Ok, so I didn't post everyday lol but this is my one week check in on Plexus slim. I went from 203 to 199. That is awesome, but I will say this about this diet so far. I am dying of thirst all day, and because of the accelerator I am steering clear of anything with caffeine so all I drink all day is water. The occasional soda but that is rare. So I am not sure if this powder is doing anything really or if it is the change in my diet, which I did not really want to do but felt I had to do because of being on this. Now, I get up have the drink, drink about 3 or 4 huge glasses of water ( I think 32 ounces each) I eat like normal so I am not cutting anything out but my appetite is definitely not there, probably cause of all the water lol or maybe this product.
So I am a little neutral yet., I feel like, yes it is due to this product but is it the actual product or what this product is changing in how I eat. Like I am not real hungry and actually I feel a little yucky sometimes so I don't want to eat. Not like sick but just the thought of eating or the taste of certain food just doesn't appeal to me. However to the credit of this product, I ate 3 cupcakes yesterday, and McDonalds once this week. So.. I was definitely still having what I wanted and lost weight anyway. I just didn't have any late snacks, and drank mostly water. Did not exercise at all.
So whichever is the cause, I am staying on this because one way or another I lost weight. It is helping me to make different choices.
The Biocleanse... I don't love because it just makes me kind of gassy like my stomach makes noises but nothing happens lol so weird.
Ok, see what next weigh in reveals.!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My New Journey

I have read some great things about this product Plexus Slim, so I decided to try it out. I don't jump from diet fad to diet fad because I am realistic and not rich lol so this one seemed to be pretty doable and the results seem amazing from what I read online.
Now I googled it and tried to see what 'real' people have to say about it and what I could find seemed to be about 80% good but there are alot of ambassadors out there who comment who used it and now sell it so it is hard to really take that as a pure opinion because they are selling it now.
That could mean it worked so well that they believe in it and want to sell it or they are just salesmen. I don't know so I am trying it myself and see what happens.
As much as I am a BIG talker in person, I tend to neglect my blog here so I thought I would document my journey with this new product so I can have a real record of how this works for me personally.
I have very stubborn weight, so when I do diet or do anything I never loose anything. I have trouble with exercise because of the extra weight on my joints so I would LOVE to loose some weight , like 10 or 20 lbs then start working out to kind of sculpt my body then, so I am doing this without exercise or at least that is the plan. I know there is a stimulant in this so I might bounce off the walls and maybe WANT to burn some energy lol but I do not plan to work out with this. I want to see how this does on it's own.
What I will do is avoid my typical drinks like Iced tea because I don't want to add caffeine in with this or I may never sleep again.
I will drink Orange juice, decaf soda and water.
Okay so I plan to just document my weight and how I feel on this.
I woke up this morning, Drank the Mix with the water and it was kind of sweet yet sour at the same time, I put it in too much water so that was a mistake cause I had so much of it drink, tomorrow I will measure it out and mix it with the right amount of water. I took 1 accelerator and about a half hour in I feel slightly jittery and a little anxious inside. I am a little sensitive to caffeine so this is a similar effect I have to when I drink a big glass of Turkey Hill Iced tea. I had to eat something though because I could tell I wasn't going feel good if I didn't so about a half hour after I took the pill and started to feel way energetic I ate a bagel with butter and a glass of OJ.
I am also going to take 2 of the bio cleanse pills but I am waiting til after my errands to try that in case it sends me to the bathroom lol
So the products I have are
Plexus slim drink mix
As of this morning I weigh 203 lbs. I measured myself but I will save that for my check in on weight next time as a comparison.
I will weigh myself and measure every Sunday.
The only thing I plan to change about how I diet is drinking more water. I will document how much I drink. I hate water so I will have to work up to this lol
Okay Day One is on !
PS- The woman I purchased from did tell me to take half the accelerator because of the caffeine but  I didn't want to really pry it open and spill it everywhere so I just took it ... bad idea? I don't know I will let you know tomorrow haha
Here we go!

Friday, October 12, 2012

FINALLY a way to get someone OFF your Pinterest TIP

Okay okay so I had a person that was previously a (and i use the term very lightly) 'friend', we parted ways to say the least and I was able to block them from my Facebook and everything else BUT they remained a FOLLOWER of mine on PINTEREST, now Pinterest is my happy place, it is my little dream treasure chest where I store all my wishes.
Well I searched high and low looking for a way to remove someone from my 'Follower' list and couldn't find an answer until NOW!
I stumbled on it myself actually, now maybe this is a new feature, I don't know but I thought I would share the wealth!
Go to your 'Followers' list of people following you, find the creeper and go to their page by clicking on their name, in the center box under their name to the right side you will see a flag, It looks greyed out but you can click on it.
It will give you a drop down, it has all the reasons to report the person then at the bottom it gives you the option to Block the person ... (this is where I heard angels sing)
It verifies that you understand you cannot follow each other and you select HELL YES ... or 'Block' as it is, then you are done... FREE and you do the happy dance.
Your welcome! haha If this is old news, well ...sorry but it made my DAY